Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Money Motivated

            Today im dirty. I want to be pretty. Tomorrow, ill be forever dirt.
Food. Nothing more, nothing less, its just there and it seems to haunt me with no end.. I hate the fact that im weak and most of all, useless. I hate the fact that im looked down on, no respect what so ever, and it kills. I want to be something special, something important. I dont like how i always give into everything. I can never stand on my own, and thats what kills me. Testing my independece with food is my biggest test, im gonna take it and i will pass no matter what comes in my way. Today is the last day of eating "normal", im gonna start by having 1000cals a week (or at least keep it arround there) . On the bright side of things, today i got an early birthday present by one of my mom's friends, he decided to give me $200! Im gonna save that money until after my quinceanera and spend it on clothes. By then, i want to be tinyer. I want to feel comfortable enough to wear something that will show off my petit figure. I am motivated to keep this promise to myself and stop at nothing to finally achieve it. I will become weightless..

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