Thursday, December 16, 2010


"Can't you imagine how good going through this will make you feel?
I promise, no one will ever know
There will be no chance of you getting caught
They never loved you anyway
So come on,..And do what you are compelled to do,.."

oh god i need help. i feel horrible and,.. i officially broke my promise, thanks to that, im gonna have to fess up to him,.. soon. I had a horrid b/p episode, i swear on my life that i will start doing something about it; im gonna start with the plan i made up yesterday,.. fuck recovery, im not ready for that,. Im sorry everyone,.. i just cant.. You cant expect a drug addict to recover in a week, cant make a smoker stop anytime,..well you cant make me stop doing what im doing,..its just too hard. I want to go back to 95lbs, and i swearthat im gonna get there soon,..winter break will be the perfect amount of time for me to get back there. I just want to be me again,..Ill stop at nothing

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