Saturday, January 22, 2011


So break yourself against my stones and spit your pity in my soul.You never needed any help...
You sold me out to save yourself...

So this is just dedicated to all the asshole men who've taken place in ruining my life. FUCK YOU. Cheating, raping, abusing, and taking advantage of me. Fuck all the liars and the sluts who decided to play this little fucken mind game. I dont need anyone to be happy, at times i just really want to go away, shoot you all for all i care. These thoughts come from memories and experiences that make you guys more than a pittiful excuse for human being. I never needed anybody to be happy, so go away and let me be, you mean nothing. You're just the opposite of what you claim to be you fucken asshole. One day you will get what you deserve and ill be watching, just as you burn with the rest of them. Paranoid? insane? I DONT GIVE A DAMN, you caused this so enjoy the ride. I regret ever trusting you and believeing in your pittiful word. Wanna play a game? then its on. Welcome to your personal asylum bitch.

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