Thursday, February 24, 2011

Walking disaster

Damn what I'm becoming One of them now, Just an opened door On the endless night.
Dark desire burning In my blood now How can I be sure I don't know if I'll be able to fight

So when am I gonna learn? When will i finally understand that I should NOT eat, I shouldn't listen to others, telling me that i should get "better". Don't they get it? I WANT TO DISAPPEAR. My mind has been running around in endless circles, my heart is rotting within me, i cant help but feel some sort of loneliness. This endless disgust is overtaking me, slowly drowning myself, unable to see what everyone else sees. I'm not happy. I know i should and i know i sound selfish,  but i cant help but feel this way. The power of hate has taken over me, flowing through my blood. Becoming me. I want to get out of this but i cant. Ive made a deal with my boyfriend to get better but I'm starting to regret it all. Wish me luck.

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