Sunday, August 5, 2012

Murder She Wrote

When the moon found the sun he looked like he was barely hanging on, but her eyes saved his life In the middle of summer.
So what an interesting week this has been: I've spent most of it at dance rehearsal, my best friend came over, my mother has been pushing every-single button, and I haven't spoken to my boyfriend all day. It seems as though I can never win with anything. Ever. My mom hates the fact that she's wrong from time-to-time, and let's not forget, she still believes that I'm some 10 year-old girl that is completely dependent on her and her "needs". WHY?! Why doesn't she realize that I'm growing up? Why does she insist on controlling my life, when she's clearly pushing me away even further (and let's not mention how incredibly rude she is to me/everyone who dares speak to me). And as if my mood can't get any worse, my boyfriend ditched me last night after he told me he was going to take me to watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," but he ended up going with some other people and not telling me about it. He completely stood me up and he wasn't even going to tell me! I honestly have no problem with him going out with his friends (I actually encourage him to go out more for the sake of his sanity), but he just flat-out ditched me for a show he doesn't even like! It's like people enjoy making me pissed off.. Not to mention how disgustingly controlling this guy can be; he hates my friends and he simply does not make an effort to at least get along with them. On a more positive note, my "Twin" stayed over for the remainder of the week, and I actually feel a bit liberated. I was not afraid to be myself and I had enough time to vent and just let it all out. It's amazing how one single person could make you feel so happy and free in such a short time. I really am going to miss her. Hopefully it wont be too long before we meet again.

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