Saturday, September 1, 2012

Break Down

So I'm not going to start off with a "quote" like I usually do, but I think this picture covers all that. As dramatic as teenage girls are, I feel like I overdo that role a bit too much. My week has been stressful in my standards  and I have no idea how to cope with it all. I finally managed to break down to my father because he pushed me through my limit, I had to gain weight in order to be eligible to dance (according to my doctor), I have been tempted to start purging again (or at least relapse all together), and I'm also trying to keep my boyfriend under control. I honestly don't know what do and he's not helping me either. He completely freaked out on me last night and let his anger overpower him and I was honestly kinda scared of him. Now I'm trying to cheer him up and plan his birthday, but I'm honestly freaking out and stressing over him. I don't ever want to sound selfish, but I haven't had the time to vent or even to calm down since I last purged and had the discussion with my father. I'm kind of just here.

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