Saturday, December 11, 2010


FUCK EVERYONE, fuck my life, fuck it all. I really cant stand ANYBODY in this pathetic excuse called life. Im done. I dont give a shit if my mom ends up sending me away,. i just dont care anymore. Im pretty aware that im a pathetic excuse for a humain being. There comes a point in someone life where you just get tired of smiling at evryone. Lying to everyone out there especially yourself. I dont know if i can take this stupid crap anymore, its like the world is against me. My mom doesnt believe me, my family is gone, my real friends are out of my reach, my boyfriend has anger issues and i cant stop lying to myself because i know im scared that one day he will go off and i know i cant do anything about it, i have this stupid eating dissorder that doesnt leave me alone, and my stupid tears dont stop falling. I dont want to sound like a total dramatic, but theres only so much i can take. Years and years of hiding my feelings, im done. i just want to be alone,..

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