Friday, December 3, 2010


So im pretty aware that i just posted a while ago, but during this short period of time, i managed to order a couple of lollipops. I know exactly what i bought, ive had my eyes on these for a while. Theyre called Hoodia Lollipops and they supposedly have ephedra, which is good for fat burn, suprece appetite, and give you energy. Now, im not saying that i completely believe what they say, but it doesnt hurt to try? The money i used to buy this is from my dads child support money. Since im pretty sure not having a christmas, i decided to treat myself with something that might benefit me(: Now, im not selfish, the rest of the money is gonna be spent on my mom and her gift. She clearly deserves something great, and im gonna do whatever it takes to help her out. As for today, thats pretty much it. I managed to get 4 packets of "emergency pills," so im pretty much set for this month. Now all i gotta do is wait, hopefully time goes by fast and i can get my lollipops and ill finally be on my way to happyness.

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