Sunday, December 4, 2011

Distant Echo

“What if this storm ends? And I don’t see you, As you are now, Ever again;The Perfect Halo, of gold hair and lightning.What if this storm ends? And leaves us nothing, Except a memory, A distant echo”
I'm not quite sure of my intentions right now. I don't know where I'm going with this post, but I want to write. I've been wanting to write for a while actually, I just never knew what I wanted say. So I'm finally going to sit down and unwrap every script of feeling I have lost inside my mind. Every word tied up into knots inside my head. I want to write and express what I can't in real life. 
I always wondered what it would be like to be just a skeleton. No blood rushing through my veins, no coat of skin to cover me. No fat to save me from the cold. I just want to be a shiny skeleton without the burden of these organs. I want to unwrap myself and see what I really am. My skeleton. The piles of bones that make up....ME. The ones that keep me together and give me a form. I wonder what it would be like to feel nothing. Not knowing the difference between warmth or cold, just staying there. Now, you might say that I would probably be missing out on "life," and that's correct. But, what exactly is life? Sure, i'm breathing, I have a beating heart, but what exactly is "life'? Everyone's view on life is completely different from each others. Everyone has a completely different perspective on what it means to truly live. For others, life doesn't happen until they die, but what then? Are the promises of religion actually fulfilled after death? Is there another part of oblivion that we don't know of? Or are we just born into another life? 

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