Friday, November 26, 2010


purge you little worthless, you deserve to suffer, prge it out and feel pure,..something you havent been in a while.,..purge,purge,purge grilled cheese in the morning, feeling dizzy, the voices inside my head dont leave me alone. im tryinh to not fall into temptation with this, i swear im not but this voice is yelling at me, i feel insane. im left alone, i feel scared. im very unexpected, i surprse others but mostly myself. I feel dirty, i have promised myself that i shall not eat later today, ill take some laxies and go on with my day. I want school to start, i want to get away from this house. the walls seem to be talking to me, tempting me to just go on with it, the mirror haunts me, calling my name, ready to criticize my body, taunt me with its horrid image. i dont want to think about it. i dont want to think at all,..i just want to rest. Its barelly friday, for some strange reason time just seems to be against me its either to fast or to slow!
in good news, i found out that people actually read this! i checked out my stats and im so proud of myself, its nice to know that some people do take an interest in this, oh joy(:

in other news, i was reading my old journal last night and omg, i was so much stronger back then. it wouldnt be a bad idea to learn a thing or two of my old self..hmm...

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