Friday, December 3, 2010

a bit of heaven

Oh yes, i did in fact went against my own selfish belief, i dared to drink milk! it all started when my mom brought some oreos from work, and well,.. you can imagine what happens after that(: Every time i dunked that cookie into the milk, i swear my childhood came flashing at me, i dared to give an honest smile. Today turned out better than i thought, I saw my dad and oh boy, was it great. We even reminisced about my baby days and he actually offered to get me a new phone! (shocking, i know) I'm actually helping my mother out with dinner and i just might enjoy it.
well,.. other than my B/P episode and my lack of pills, today was good. My throat still burns and i did in fact bleed. A day full of childhood memories and food is a good way to end the day. I might see the "novio" tomorrow, ahh so much to tell him. I wont call tonight cause, if he means it,he'll miss me more and when i see him, it would be more,..pretty.(x

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